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Carf's News

Posted by Carf - August 7th, 2013

Fresh songs available here: http://goo.gl/Kx11yq
Check it out and wonder why you never been there before!

Posted by Carf - March 1st, 2013

So... it has been a while and a lot has happened lately, as some of you might know I do have an ongoing hearing issue, therefor I try to keep making music to a minimum and only create requested songs and stuff that I just HAVE to create... I am happy that my music is getting spread through the right channels and thanks to projects like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5M1eCKU_Wc I can keep on doing what I love todo most, create awesome music ;).

At the same time I am in the running to become a test person for a new implant, this TI Implant will be able to reduce the Tinnitus that is haunting me 24/7 and HOPEFULLY also takes away the pain that high pitched sounds seems to create... luvely if you are a chiptune artist... can't stand high notes ;). But that is why they invented awesome headphones with shells that you can twist 90 degrees so that only my right ear is hearing what it should hear.

In other great news... me and my lady are looking for a new place, not renting, but really buying, a place for ourself. I feel sad that I am going to leave the city that I love so much but at least we settled for an alternative that we both like, Leiden. Not far from Amsterdam (20 minutes by train) and it just have the same laid back atmoshpere that I love so much about this city.

And then... drumroll... the best news of all.. I got hired by Guerrilla Software! Finally... it only took me 28 years of gaming and 16 years of being creative to proof that I can do more with a joystick then just play a game ;).

I promised myself to get the best and most positive things out of this shitty situation, and it feels like I get more and more in return then I ever could wish for!

Life is good, if you know how to steer it into the right direction!
Keep up the creativity!


Posted by Carf - November 15th, 2012

Newgrounds, the place where it all started. And the place where I will always return from time to time, not even sure what I will find there but there is always something interesing to listen or to look in to.
Yeah it has been over 10 years that I used NG to inspire my creativity. To learn from other people and to share my crazy outcomes of Fruityloop sessions. Over the years my style imporved and people showed me new tricks. New way's of creating explored and now I can finally say that I am doing a fine job learning how to create oldschool Chiptunes.
All this leveling and growing on Newgrounds make it hard to say this but... I am no longer able uploading new releases on my account :(.

Where my music is and will always be for me and my personal collection I always liked it to share my creative outcomes with other creative people. Since last year one of my tracks [Arcade Maddness] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZgSs7uoK40&featu re=plcp made it into IGN's PS3 podcast Beyond [248] things started to go quick. These days I am part of Gametheorist [Also known as Gametheorie] doing a biweekly show with music and helping out the other guys with offering background music for their shows.

Besides that, I also started to offer my music on Bandcamp where people can purchase tracks for only 50 cents. If I would keep the free download on NG it would not really make any sense having a bandcamp website that is offering the same music so I had to make the hard decision of letting my NG account go... or at least change the way how I use it.
So I decided to keep it for my b-side remixes and stuff that I won't put on bandcamp.

At the same time something else happend... exactly a year ago I lost hearing in my left ear. I don't know what would have happend if Arcade Maddness did not do what it did.. I probably would have given up on music completely cause for a long time it just didn't gave me the same satisfaction anymore.. I miss stereo.
By now I try to accept the situation as it is and just continue with what I am doing although its hard. The constant beep (tinitus) and pain are things that I need to learn to accept. But in the end I did not gave up on making music at all!
Instead it boosted me to go and dig deeper into new ways of making music, and then suddenly Chiptunes became interesting.

Last but not least. Being a hardcore lurker and uploader on Newgrounds offered me a change to meet people that helped me out on several cool and unforgetable ways.
I want to thank NemesisTheory for her awesome help and inspiration.
Nav for his never ending optimism.
Rucklo for always being there when needed no matter what.
Hotplurplegnome for doing what you are doing.
And ofcourse Tom for making all of this possible.

I am sure that i forgot only 10000 other names but these are the people that popped up right away if I ask myself, what did newgrounds do for me ;).

All and everyone, keep up the creativity. Never give up on what you are doing no matter what people tell you, or even if you lose an important part that you need to carry out your hobbie, there is always an alternative way to get where you want to be ;).

New tracks will be here from now on:

Youtube Channel
http://www.youtube.com/user/carfmobile?feature=m hee



Level up!

Posted by Carf - July 12th, 2012

Oow man I am so happy!
I sent in my song to IGN Beyond and Gamescoop, being a long time listener of both shows I just
wanted to share some creativity with the guys. Just 2 days later they played my full 10 minute
Arcade Maddness mix!
This is seriously the biggest achievement in my online history of sharing music :).


Check out http://ps3movies.ign.com/ps3/audio/article/122/1 225372/Podcast%20Beyond%20Episode%20248.mp3
And you can find the Soundcloud version of the song here: http://soundcloud.com/carfie/crazy-arcademania-m addness-mix

All keep up the creativity and never give up dreaming!

With love!


Posted by Carf - December 10th, 2008

1. carf
1) originally used to describe when someone coughs and a little barf comes up.
2) can also be used as a synonym for "cool".
1)"damn I was laughing so hard I carfed."
2) "your shirt is so carf!"
carf cool barf cough shart

2. Carf
When you cough so much that you barf.
She was coughing so much after she smoked that she carfed!
puke barf throw up vomit toss cookies

3. carf
cough and fart at the sametime
he that lady just carfed
cough fart coughing farting passing gas

4. carf
Anything and everything.
I just ran over my carf today.

Can I get some carf on that?

5. carf
A creative person who likes to make music and write stories.

Latest track (under Creactive Labs Label)
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /192571

Posted by Carf - November 28th, 2008

After a few years of working alone I finally found the right peeps to return to my old name: Creactive Labs. For me CL has always been my little side-project name in which I try to discover new ways of creating music and working togheter with people who are doing things way different then me.
Most of the times as I work under my Pseudo name CL its HipHop and altrough I am NOT a diehard gangster pimp ghetto dutchie, I really REALLY like to create beats and see the real die-hards to their things.

The latest member that stepped into the project is JJ and its almost a 100% sure that I will upload some of the works that we are doing.
The first beat is there already and we are working on the lyrics at the moment of writting.

But that is just the first one and its just a start of what will come up.
Keep an eye on Joncena his account, which is a shared one with my buddy who is already since year and day my thirt ear in productions.

We only can wait and see what the future is going to bring but its for sure that 2009 is going to be a very VERY productive year again!

Thanks for reading, drop me a line and wish me luck with the new found inspiration ;).

For all my hardstyle buddies out there. NO I do NOT quiet being the Carf which I absolutely am. I will come back with MAJOR dutch hardstyle beats but a side project like this always gives me more satisfaction then working alone which, once again, I did for way to long.

Keep up the creativity my friends!

Carf out!

Latest beat on the Creactive account.

Creactive Labs - Didn't care
Creactive Labs - Requiem

Posted by Carf - October 16th, 2008

Wow... such a lot is going on since I (finally) entered the NG BBS ;).
Met a lot of new friends and its seriously giving me tons of new inspirtation.
Sadly all the new inspiration is stored in my B: drive for later use as I really
dont feel *producive* these days... its just like my mind is blanc...
Its stressfull at my job and as I am home I just like to sit down and do nothing...

I try to be creative on different way's to satisfy my own needs by just playing
around with Stepmania and create steps on my own tracks, very cool btw.
Gonna upload a few of them on the stepmania page in time, and I will place a
direct link to the tracks which I have on NG aswell.

For the rest, it seems that I am finally going to work togheter with some people,
I have worked alone for way to long and it feels refhresing.
On the other side its just plain stupid that I never did that before, cause now I
got the issue that I really feel like defending my own opinions and way of creating,
while at the same time I realise that I have to be open for new and other idea's and opinions.
Its weird and a bit contraversial at the same time... but I am sure that I will find the rest
in my head and I just have to trust the other guys that are willing to share their knowledge with me.
For now... I just hope to find back some *will* to create some new stuff...
I am afraid that I am not going to make it with the october Mac, if I still gonna finish what
I started its going to be a rushed one...and I dont like that... I want to be PROUD of what I upload.

Back to the drawing table ;).

Everybody, keep up the creativity.
Till the neXt post!

Da Carf!

Latest piece of cake:
{http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/liste n/180747}

Posted by Carf - August 22nd, 2008

FUCK kiled my other post... now I gt do it allll over again... DAMN....
Nice start of a new post ;).

What a week, sinds I have got my account on ng somewhere back in 2002 I never used the Audio Forum, but since this week I just started to drop my first posts in it, and wtf, they even appriciated my feedback and point of view.

(altrough not everyone seems todo so, they even go and try to photoshop ya and show of how colourblind they actually are... but some people have proven that even failing at failing is possible... and he also has proven that his Photoshop skills are at basicly the same level as his music...)

That said, I just want to thank the guys over here that at least take the time to respond to one another on a respectfull way and make the Forum and the AP a nice place to hang in a virtual way. Ofcourse you cannot stop the losers that has to show of that they suck at social life so they have to run the online life for others, but we just TRY and ignore that, altrough its hard... its just to fun to see them struggling try and hurt me but the fact is, they cant! Cause with every step they take they show again how unloved they are over here... but I am not here to raise little guys who just found out how a computer works...

So, I hope to see and learn some more from the people around on NG.
Back a little month ago I met a new friend over here who has REALLY inspired me and after the move (one floor up, bigger room, less rent) I am so going to fix the studio on a better way then it was.
Cant wait, until that time my part of the AP will stay a bit quiet... but we will come back with heavy shizzle!

Tommorow Mysteryland. 15 area's more then 150 Dj's. Lots of inspiration will come to Carfie!

Till the neXt post!

Posted by Carf - July 6th, 2008

Since a long time I have got my account on NG but never really got into it... I just uploaded my tracks for other users on NG with in the back of my mind that maybe someday somebody might use it in a game or flash movie, just share creativity.
But nowdays I see that the portal got more and more talented people and I realize now that I have been alone for way to long.
I want to grow within my own creativity, see other people using the same software as I do and LEARN from it. So this is my way to ask the creative people on NG.
If you feel free for a collab, if you feel like sharing creativity. I am seriously open to see what we can do for one another.

Keep up the creativity, I see that the portal is getting more and more talented people.