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One of my faves in my whole history of NG.
Great animation quality and awesome sync with the music. Keep up the awesome work.

Love it, great blend of games and also the good old use of sprites. Keep it up.

Love part one, but although part 2 is shorter, its still damn DAMN good.
Love the music! Keep up the great work.

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never knew there was a game out here containing my music LOL!!!
Well, thanks for using, now lets check out what you have fixed ;).

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Love it!

5/5 - 9 + Fave!
Sorry, giving away tens is only once a year ;p. But still, totally unexpected goodness all over. Keep up the great work.
Which tools did you use btw?

commandycan responds:

used famitracker, an 8-bit program!

thanks for the review

Thanks for the invite ;)

Well you asked for it, so lets see, I had to get back to your old track to dig it all up but I am all back. Well the first thing which catch my ear is that you seriously improved your sound, it is nicely polished.
Nice piano and good worked out melo´s.
I think that the style of the track itself would fit a game like FZero or something.
Keep up the creativity.

And for the 0´ers... well... sadly we got to life with it... at least you scored another 5 ;0.

Step responds:

Hey man, thanks a LOT for reviewing this :D. Even though I made this like a month and a half ago, so far I haven't made a better song (although I think I came close with Against the Clock). I'm happy you actually went to check out the old track too to compare :D.

Yeah, everyone seems to like the piano :P. Except a friend of mine at school, who loved everything BUT the piano. Hm, yeah, this does have a similar style to the FZero songs...

Yep, 0-bombers suck, although as you said, we'll have to put up with it. Really glad you liked this, and thanks for the review!

Classic in the making, keep them comin.

What we need, more Genesis remakes :).
Keep up the creativity.

deliverance84 responds:

thank you carf!!! i know man, there aint enough genesis remixes thease days. Thanks for the honourable review dude!!!

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I think Trish will like this.


Blipsqueek responds:

she does! makes the hips go left and right

The fast and the Feulie-est!!

Do the Mari-Bro's!!

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