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2012-11-15 05:22:41 by Carf

Newgrounds, the place where it all started. And the place where I will always return from time to time, not even sure what I will find there but there is always something interesing to listen or to look in to.
Yeah it has been over 10 years that I used NG to inspire my creativity. To learn from other people and to share my crazy outcomes of Fruityloop sessions. Over the years my style imporved and people showed me new tricks. New way's of creating explored and now I can finally say that I am doing a fine job learning how to create oldschool Chiptunes.
All this leveling and growing on Newgrounds make it hard to say this but... I am no longer able uploading new releases on my account :(.

Where my music is and will always be for me and my personal collection I always liked it to share my creative outcomes with other creative people. Since last year one of my tracks [Arcade Maddness] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZgSs7uoK40&featu re=plcp made it into IGN's PS3 podcast Beyond [248] things started to go quick. These days I am part of Gametheorist [Also known as Gametheorie] doing a biweekly show with music and helping out the other guys with offering background music for their shows.

Besides that, I also started to offer my music on Bandcamp where people can purchase tracks for only 50 cents. If I would keep the free download on NG it would not really make any sense having a bandcamp website that is offering the same music so I had to make the hard decision of letting my NG account go... or at least change the way how I use it.
So I decided to keep it for my b-side remixes and stuff that I won't put on bandcamp.

At the same time something else happend... exactly a year ago I lost hearing in my left ear. I don't know what would have happend if Arcade Maddness did not do what it did.. I probably would have given up on music completely cause for a long time it just didn't gave me the same satisfaction anymore.. I miss stereo.
By now I try to accept the situation as it is and just continue with what I am doing although its hard. The constant beep (tinitus) and pain are things that I need to learn to accept. But in the end I did not gave up on making music at all!
Instead it boosted me to go and dig deeper into new ways of making music, and then suddenly Chiptunes became interesting.

Last but not least. Being a hardcore lurker and uploader on Newgrounds offered me a change to meet people that helped me out on several cool and unforgetable ways.
I want to thank NemesisTheory for her awesome help and inspiration.
Nav for his never ending optimism.
Rucklo for always being there when needed no matter what.
Hotplurplegnome for doing what you are doing.
And ofcourse Tom for making all of this possible.

I am sure that i forgot only 10000 other names but these are the people that popped up right away if I ask myself, what did newgrounds do for me ;).

All and everyone, keep up the creativity. Never give up on what you are doing no matter what people tell you, or even if you lose an important part that you need to carry out your hobbie, there is always an alternative way to get where you want to be ;).

New tracks will be here from now on:

Youtube Channel
http://www.youtube.com/user/carfmobile?feature=m hee



Level up!


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2012-11-15 15:26:58

awwww... <3
good to see you around! i'm not around all too much myself nowadays, i'm afraid, i've turned more into a lurker...

a lot of people working with sound have a damaged ear or two. A new sound designer at work managed to pop his eardrum just before he started at our studio, but it gave him an interesting perspective on sounds overall... "turn the bad in to something good" is a good mindset! :)