Fresh material and some AWESOME news!

2013-03-01 06:08:00 by Carf

So... it has been a while and a lot has happened lately, as some of you might know I do have an ongoing hearing issue, therefor I try to keep making music to a minimum and only create requested songs and stuff that I just HAVE to create... I am happy that my music is getting spread through the right channels and thanks to projects like this I can keep on doing what I love todo most, create awesome music ;).

At the same time I am in the running to become a test person for a new implant, this TI Implant will be able to reduce the Tinnitus that is haunting me 24/7 and HOPEFULLY also takes away the pain that high pitched sounds seems to create... luvely if you are a chiptune artist... can't stand high notes ;). But that is why they invented awesome headphones with shells that you can twist 90 degrees so that only my right ear is hearing what it should hear.

In other great news... me and my lady are looking for a new place, not renting, but really buying, a place for ourself. I feel sad that I am going to leave the city that I love so much but at least we settled for an alternative that we both like, Leiden. Not far from Amsterdam (20 minutes by train) and it just have the same laid back atmoshpere that I love so much about this city.

And then... drumroll... the best news of all.. I got hired by Guerrilla Software! Finally... it only took me 28 years of gaming and 16 years of being creative to proof that I can do more with a joystick then just play a game ;).

I promised myself to get the best and most positive things out of this shitty situation, and it feels like I get more and more in return then I ever could wish for!

Life is good, if you know how to steer it into the right direction!
Keep up the creativity!



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