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Happy Halloween

2016-10-31 05:19:03 by Carf

Time for my yearly spooky project woot!!

It all started on this website...

2016-02-04 04:33:57 by Carf

About 11 years ago I started to share my work on Newgrounds, for those who where in need of music for their projects or just to listen to. I received lot's of awesome feedback which really helped me to grow and to find my own style. I met a ton of amazing people who really inspired me into creating the sound that I write these days.

I moved on to Youtube about 3 years ago after I felled like it was time to share my music to a bigger crowd and to be able to sell my albums through Bandcamp. And now 3 years later my YT channel is ALMOST reaching 10k.

And I'm sure that this is still just the start of the journey. 
What a ride, I hope that some of my old buddies from here would like to check out what I'm doing these days and help me reach that 10K number so I can start a massive party!!

Thank you all for helping me grow over the years, a lot of amazing (and less amazing) things happened and I could not have done this without NG.



Happy Holidays Newgrounders!!

2015-12-12 10:13:42 by Carf

Keep up the creativity in 2016 and enjoy this little christmas song!

Just a few days before Christmas I had a little surprize for my lady.

Keep up the creativity in 2015!

Just like my 2nd album, the 3rd one will come with a game, only this time it's going to be so much more awesome! I mean, Pixel me Square was fun, but this... Is going to be MASSIVE compared to that project :)

I need NPCs to fill the city and what is a better way then having REAL awesome people in the game?

So I invite all my friends and fans to be part of this project! Check out the following movie and leave a comment as mentioned in the movie itself!

Hope to see you there!

Woot! My YT channel is growing :)

2014-11-10 08:45:22 by Carf

Almost reached 600 Subs on my Youtube channel! Let's make it happen! When reached I will put one of my mixes online as a download for free !

Created a short (10 minute) mix of all my horror songs so far.


Just released my remix on my very first music video Orbital Velocity. It's a bit tricky to explain this in just a few words but I am going to give it a try.

OV is a music video AND the very first episode of a serie I called Dark&Darko. The serie itself follows a story that shows more about my 8bit alter-ego's world and is sometimes a music video, just a *short news-flash* and there is a game, or rather *interactive version* which comes with my 2nd album. But lot's more will come in the future!

Enjoy Orbital Velocity!

My creative alter-ego's world grows bigger and bigger.

Fresh trailer for my channel and LOT'S of awesome stuff about to happen for 2015!

Check it out here:

Not really active on NG anymore... But wait! There IS more!

2014-08-26 18:34:24 by Carf

For those who just found me cause of my latest upload... The only reason I did so is because this track won;t be part of any new album. My account is not really active anymore as all new tracks got to my YT page and Bandcamp albums.

You can find my 8bit stuff here >

And all other stuff here >

I hope to see you there! And in case of awesomeness... Please subscribe ;)